When considering the purchase of custom logo bar stools for your companies promotion, you must consider the quality of the bar stool.  If you give your distributors a cheap bar stool and customers see a cheap logo bar stool, what will they think of your product quality.  Seating is definitely not an area that you should skimp.  If you are looking at an affordable way to put a quality logo bar stool at your dealers counters, you should look no further than Richardson Seating’s model 1950-S logo bar stool.  The minium order is just two pieces.  Each logo bar stool is hand made in Chicago, IL at Richardson Seating’s union manufacturing plant.  Richardson Seating sells exclusively to dealers.  If you are looking for a dealer familiar with Richardson Seating’s product line, consider Bar Stools and Chairs.

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Logo Bar Stools for the Parts Counter

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Logo Bar Stools

Logo Bar Stools

Most of the logo bar stools manufactured by Richardson Seating end up at the parts counter and sales counter.  Logo bar stools are used to advertise brands and companies at the point of purchase.  Most distributors of parts and supplies have a counter.  What better way to get your message accross than advertising on a custom logo parts counter stool.  Logo bar stools used at the counter should be commercial quality and built to last under the heavy abuse of a parts counter.  If you are looking to purchase custom logo bar stools, make sure you get bar stools manufactured by Richardson Seating.  Richardson Seating only sells to dealers, so if you are looking for a dealer, try BarStoolsandChairs.com.


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