Logo Bar Stools

Logo Bar Stools

The best logo bar stools available are manufactured by Richardson Seating.  Richardson Seating manufactures its line of logo bar stools in Chicago, IL.  The seats are reinforced with 2×4 hard wood.  The vinyl used for the seat is a 12 mil double polished vinyl that is clear.  Richardson Seating prints the logo and the background color of the stool in reverse on the underside of the material.  This allows both the logo and the background color to be absolutely any Pantone color.  Richardson Seating can even print metallics like 877 silver.  The frame Richardson Seating uses for its 1900 series logo bar stools is made of 19 gauge steel with a chrome plated finish.  Each logo bar stool comes standard with a 360 degree swivel.  Unlike cheaper bar stools, all the seams are hand sewn.  Nothing on this bar stool will be heat sealed.

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