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Logo Bar Stools

Logo Bar Stools

Logo bar stools are the ultimate item for point of purchase advertising. What other point of purchase advertisement stays at the point of sale for years and years. Companies have been using logo bar stools for years to advertise their brand, company, or message at parts counters and sales counters. Many manufacturers have large distributor networks selling their product from behind a parts counter or sales counter. This includes many companies that deal with motorcycles, automotive, electrical, musical instruments, power tools, plumbing, and many other industries. Companies that manufacture car parts can advertise their brand on a logo bar stool and give them to their dealers. When someone goes into one of the dealers for a car part, before he makes his decision, he gets to see a huge advertisement on the bar stool sitting at the parts counter. This message might influence his decision. A tire manufacturer like Good Year can put Good Year stools at all the different tire dealers that carry their tires. Carrier and Trane can give logo counter stools to all of their equipment dealers to put in front of the counter. I assume you get the idea. If you are looking to advertise your brand well, you will need to buy quality logo bar stools. You want them to last for years at the parts counter. The best logo bar stools are manufactured by Richardson Seating Corp out of Chicago, IL. They are a union furniture manufacturer that makes its line of logo bar stools domestically. They sell exclusively to dealers. If you are not a dealer and you would like to buy logo bar stools manufactured by Richardson Seating, consider purchasing from Bar Stools and Chairs.

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